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S2E9 - Alleged Squid Games of Chicken, Canadians & Thorns | The Sports Gap with Richard Jefferson
Richard debunks the myth that Canadians are nice, looks at the biggest game in the world and tries his best to stand up for the NBA players alleged to commit insurance fraud. Later we follow the journey of hockey bad boy Evander Kane from the casino to the card dealer and examine the imploding world of women’s soccer. #SquidGame #NWSL #MeToo Gap Links SQUID GAME - Real life squid game rules - #BigBaby shoutout to #Ralo on IG - And on #twitter - Former NBA big man Glen 'Big Baby' Davis agrees to pay $15,000 fine to avoid jail time in drug case - Ex-NBA player implicated himself in fraud scheme with boneheaded move - #GregSmith submitted a false dental claim for $48k in Beverly Hills on the same day he had a game in Taiwan - #Popeyes Bigger Family Feast - #EvanderKane having investigation Deja Vu - He denies betting on NHL games - And the NHL cleared him of all charges finding NO EVIDENCE of betting - Meeting The Team, #Goon - #SlapShot - RJ’s doppelganger, #RyanGosling - Kane & his fake covid vard - #Canada isn’t that nice, eh - Canada on Strike - NWSL’s systemic issues - #LISABAIRD STATEMENT - 2x #NWSL Coach of the Year, #PaulRiley - But he has been (finally) fired by the NC Courage - Thorns GM Wilkinson on administrative leave - Gotham FC fired GM Alyse LaHue - Washington Spirit HC head coach Richie Burke terminated - Truth Be Told... | #Unfiltered w/ #KaiyaMcCullough - Racing Louisville HC Christy Holly fired - James O’Connor response to Holly being fired - OL Reign revealed HC Farid Benstiti asked to resign - #AlexMorgan on #TheTodayShow - NWSL in game protest - OL Reign player’s speak out - #MeganRapinoe statement - #AngelCity Founders - #CristenPress signs historic contract - #AngelCity FC statement - #Texas bill limiting #transgender student athletes’ sports participation clears key hurdle on way to becoming law -
S2E8 Haute Couture, Hexes, Hoops & Primetime | The Sports Gap with Richard Jefferson
Richard hypothesizes on Aaron Rodgers high fashion, explains why Detroit is cursed, and previews the coming NBA civil war/season, before highlighting how Deion Sanders is the latest in a new wave of professional athletes bringing HBCUs into Primetime... (see what we did there😉) #AaronRodgers press conference (00:16) - #DaveChappelle Tyrone Biggums Intervention (00:34) - #OliviaMunn is pregnant with #JohnMulaney 's baby (00:57) - Jake from State Farm (1:08) - Potential 726k parlay bet (01:17) - The Curse of #BobbyLane & the #DetroitLions (01:57) - #Reno911 Drunk Catwalk (03:25) - #JustinTucker record breaking kick against the Lions (4:00) - #MeganRapinoe, #SueBird among 500-plus athletes formally urging Supreme Court to protect abortion rights (04:18) - Why Abortion Bans Are Asinine, According to #WNBA Star #NatashaCloud #NowThis - The 2021-22 Los Angeles #Lakers (06:54) - #BenSimmons salary (06:57) - Brian Windhorst ‘highly doubts’ Ben Simmons and the 76ers can repair their relationship #TheJump (07:10) - Ben Simmons passes up a wide open layup under the basket for absolutely no reason? (07:31) 🤔 - #AndrewWiggins Anti-Vax Choice (07:43) - #Wiggins isn’t getting vaxxed (08:16) - Wiggins’ Religious exemption for the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t pass (08:38) - #JimmyButler gif (08:59) - #StevenASmith on #FirstTake (09:10) - The #NBA and anti-vax players behind the scenes (09:47) - #DeionSanders and JSU's New Beginning | Coach Prime Ep. 1 (11:44) - Aflac Ready for Prime Time (12:20) - Florida State’s brutal season (12:54) - Jim pranks Dwight on #TheOffice (12:58) - HBCUs do more with less (13:10)- Coach Prime Deion Sanders Giving Pre-Game Speech Before #TSU Game (13:46) -
S2E7 Boxing, Bishops, Brady and the TikTok Avengers | The Sports Gap with Richard Jefferson
In this episode: it’s #TomBrady versus MJ for commercial #GOAT; Richard messes with Texas, does a deep dive on the real losers in the Bishop Sycamore-IMG Academy saga and gets on his soap box alongside #DonaldTrump with analysis of the #HolyfieldBelfort fight. Gap Links Trump calls Holyfield Belfort fight on 9/11 (00:18) - Boxing could be rigged - Anthony Joshua supports a Go Fund Me for Deontay Wilder (01:12) - Wilder and Joshua Tweets (01:20) - “Unauthorized distribution of copyright content” (01:58) - Did #TrillerFightClub forget to clear musical performances? (02:10) - Belfort’s pressure too much for Holyfield (02:20) - De La Hoya got hit with the rona (02:35) - The Night George Foreman Beat Five Men In An Hour In Front Of Muhammad Ali - Million Dollar Baby Last Fight Scene (03:20) - Holyfield’s dough (03:33) - Evander's ear (03:40) - #SnoopDogg & #MarvinGaye duet (04:16) - ESPN’s commendations WENT IN on #BishopSycamore (04:37) - Sycamore’s bounced checks (05:25) - This High School looks like a duplex (05:30) - The legacy of Head Coach Roy Johnson (05:50) - IMG Academy = High-School Football Factory (06:40) - #IMG Academy Alumni (06:53) - Hollywood Meets Football - Year’s Craziest Football Tale Leading To ESPN-Televised 58-0 Slaughter Of #BishopSycamore High At Hands Of Elite #IMGAcademy Gets Docudrama Quarterbacked By #KevinHart & #RichPaul (08:22) - 6ourbon7ime with Jim Beam (08:47) “Chicka, chicka-yeah, fake I.D.” (10:18) - #DallasCowboys Cheerleaders or the Handmaid’s Tale? - Black Santa (10:31) - Worst #LukaDoncic Interviews (11:26) - #VictoriaHammett Video (11:35) - “I ain’t going for Montana,” I’m going for Jordan.” (13:25) - Introducing the Freshly-Baked Fragrance of #Bready Subway Commercial (13:50) - Sex toy or bread? (13:50) - 1988 Ultra Star Hair Products #MichaelJordan SINGS Commercial (14:34) - #AaronRodgers is offended (15:06) - The interview Aaron Rodgers became a meme (15:20) - #MaiaChaka makes history as the first black woman to officiate an #NFL Game (15:42) - The viral falling cat (15:58) - Washington Football Team is getting a new name (16:18) -
S2E6 Back 2 School 'n' Bad Money Ball | The Sports Gap with Richard Jefferson
Gap Links Athlete’s betting on themselves (and losing) (00:24) - Back 2 school for Superstars like #JRSmith (00:28) - Transfer window madness (00:36) - #Messi to #PSG (00:46) - #MichaelJordan makes millions off Messi (00:57) - No one wants Messi’s #10 (01:09)- #CristianoRonaldo, the Old Trafford legend (01:30) - If #Kobe ditched the #Lakers to suit up for the #Clippers (01:45) - #ManchesterUnited re-signed Ronaldo (02:47) - #Ronaldo breaks the internet (02:56) - And made the club’s stock jump by $293M (02:58) - JR Smith Goes Back to School (03:40) - #NCAA Clears JR Smith to play college Golf (04:08) - JR Smith Tweets his College Experience (04:30) - 2016 JR celebrating in Vegas (05:28) - It’s All About The Benjamins by #PuffDaddy (07:15) - #Blockbuster f@ck3d up and didn’t buy #Netflix (07:31) - #EvanderKane Betting on Himself (07:47) - Le'veon Bell’s Bet (07:56) - #DennisSchroder goes viral (08:35) - #IsaiahThomas Talks Free Agency (09:14) - Isaiah Thomas Game Highlights (09:40) - The joke was never on #NoChillGil (10:38) - #BobbyBonilla Day (11:20) - Blame the famed agent, Rich Paul (12:25) - #DraymondGreen Warrior’s Deal (12:38) - #NewYorkKnicks Nerlens Noel sues Rich Paul (14:34) - #TheGambler performed by #KennyRodgers (not #RichardJefferson) (15:00) -
S2E5 The Olympics, Cruel Runnings & The NCAA Supreme Smackdown | The Sports Gap w Richard Jefferson
Richard explores the history of protests at the Olympics, The NBA's most important influencers on & off the court, and The Supreme Court's Smackdown on the NCAA. In this week's "Unpopular Opinion" he lays down some harsh truth about the "cruel runnings" in track and field. Filling The Gap *Tonga Enters the Chat* Olympic Rule 50 (00:43) - Protesting at the Olympics is What America Does (01:50) - From Public Nuisance to the People's Champ (02:21) - How to have sex in a cardboard bed (02:40) - Sean "Bones" Gregory battles the crowds in Tokyo (03:20) - The Notorious PCA (03:49) - The World's Finest Swimming Publication (04:45) - Cruel Runnings for Shacarri = RJ's Unpopular Opinion of the Week (05:30) - Vote for Shacarri (06:03) - Supreme Smackdown (07:09)- Supreme Smackdown Vol. 2 (08:27) - Nia Dennis Deserves All The Coins (09:01) - Sydney Mclaughlin does too (09:58) - Richard's Favorite Olympian's Ad (10:24) - WTF Does Web Apps America Do and How Do We get Down (11:53) - The Big 12 vs The Sec (12:16) - The Billion Dollar Baller (14:11) - Italians Don't Want Drake Messing With Their Football (14:45) - The Biggest Influencer of 2020-21 Post Season Takes Zero Credit (15:11) - #TokyoOlympics #NCAA #ShacarriRichardson #RussellWestbrook #LebronJames #KyleKuzma #KendallJenner #KirbyJenner #KardashianCurse #NIL #NCAA #TexasFootball #Drake #SydneyMcLaughlin #SuniLee #SimoneBiles #Golden #ESPN #NBA #TheSportsGap #NBADraft
S2E4 - Awwww, Agua, Soccer & Simone | The Sports Gap with Richard Jefferson
In This Episode: Richard thinks Devin Booker could be awwww-esome and needs to start moving like a future face of the league. Cristiano Ronaldo shows why he's atop the athlete influencer Mount Rushmore, but there's still a name Richard thinks people can't forget. Finally, the Sports Gap lays out the Blueprint for making soccer, sorry football, a more popular sport in North America but not before remembering to give the Leotard GOAT, Simone Biles, her flowers. GAP LINKS “SUNS IN 4” Guy #DevinBooker Tweet (00:54) “SUNS IN 4” Guy Action Figure “SUNS IN 4” Guy on Barstool Sports Folks actually want selfies with #SUNSIN4 Guy #Clippers vs. #Suns fan fight (1:20) We're all Just Tryna Be Like Mike With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility (Spider-Man) (3:28) Be Like Mike Gatorade Commercial #Kobe vs MJ #MuhammadAli Copycats Laugh Now, Cry Later by Drake #OBJ Makes Catch of the Year MVP Race: #Jokic vs. #Curry #ViratKohli (4:28) #CristianoRonaldo Destroyed Coca Cola (5:25) - - Michael Jordan’s Brand Power (5:47) #Starbucks Triple Shot (7:20) #Nike Dribbling Commercial Definitely Not a “Be Like Pele” Ad (9:00) #Ronaldo Bicycle Lick Baseball Popularity Decreases Soccer Stands to Gain #Shaq on #MTVCribs #DameLilliard Rapping at All-Star game J. Cole Destroying NBA Players (10:43) NEYMAR by Daniel Got Hits - America's Favorite Whiteboy (11:19) #AirJordan Commercials, 1986-2020 JADAKISS / AI (11:44) #Sportscenter IG Coverage Jemele Hill Tweet on #SimoneBiles (12:52) Simone with the Goat Statement Piece Follow @TheSportsGap on all social platforms - turn on notifications, like, comment and subscribe.
S2E3 Guest: MICHELE ROBERTS | The Sports Gap Hosted By Richard Jefferson
#13 In this episode, learn about the favor Idris Elba owes Richard, hear Richard's latest Unpopular Opinion and connect the dots between Michael Jordan, Jake Paul and Will Ferrel. Plus our very first interview with NBPA Executive Director, MICHELE ROBERTS ---- LINKS IN THA GAP Rwanda's Finest J. Cole - Don Cheadle - 2nd Acts Tim Tebow - The Greatest Celebrity Athlete Crossover Ever - Backseat Tesla Driver To The Moon - French Open Gold Medal in Hypocrisy - Philly Fans are Ruthless - Venus: Get Like Me! When the Teams Play Hard - When You Don't Want To Get Fined - Banned in Tokyo - How Racism Came to an End -,g_auto,w_1200,h_675,ar_16:9/ When All The Good Things You Did Don't Matter Anymore - Mike Pence Conspiracy Theory - Call Your Senators -
S2E2 Oxymorons like Poor Stanford, Hall of Fame Fans and All That Utah Jazz
Richard Jefferson points out a few oxymorons in the sports news cycle including Poor Stanford having to cut 11 sports and the Utah Jazz on top of the NBA - in more ways than one. We also make the case for Drake to go to the Hall of Fame and settle this year's MVP debate once and for all by making the case for Stephen Curry, Nikola Jokic, and Lebron James. Gap Links: Merrriam Webster - George Carlin, oxymoron jokes - The Story of the Utah Jazz - The Raptors Hall of Fame Fan - Drake, the Super Fan- Nav Bhattia - Poor Stanford - 36 Sports Strong - Larry Scott & The Pac 12 - Larry Scott's Imperial Palace in Vegas - George Kliavkoff says the Pac 12 is the greatest sports league - The Utah Jazz give out a scholarship for every win this season - Jazz Owner D-Wade says it best - Jokic the worst MVP ever - Lebron's MVP -
S2E1 The Kings of the Court: Michael Jordan vs. Magic Johnson and The Fault in Skip Bayless’ Stars
Welcome BACK to The Sports Gap. Richard kicks off season two with a play-by-play of his Twitter Beef with Shrimp Bayless, the NCAA is on notice, the history of the GREATEST 1-on-1 game almost played: Magic vs Jordan, AND what's going on with these NFL Quarterbacks?! Links RJ vs Skip Bayless: The No Chill Podcast with Gilbert Arenas NCAA Tourney Gender Divide: Tyler the Creator: Tom Brady + Avocado Tequila: Aaron Rodgers How to prounounce Oeuvre: Shailene Woodley: The Knicks are good: Magic + Madonna + Prince Entrance Photo: Bleacher Report King of the Court - The Greatest Game Never Played: Michael Jordan on Matchup vs Magic Johnson: The Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul Publicity Event (read stunt): Will Smith/Big Willie Challenge:
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