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Akeem Sharp is set to be Jamaica’s next big track-and-field sensation. He hopes a rise in the track and field world will reunite him with his mother who has supported the family while living as an illegal resident in the US for over a decade. But Akeem’s rising star is weighed down by turmoil at home: a volatile father, and an unruly older brother who insinuates himself into Akeem’s career as a means of escaping – or perhaps enhancing – his scam artist hustle. 

Winner of over a dozen "Best of Fest" Awards including the Jury, Audience and Best Director Awards at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) 

CAST INCLUDES: Dale Elliott; Kadeem Wilson, Shantol Jackson with Lorainne Toussaint, and David Alan Grier.

SPRINTER Trailer (2019) Usain Bolt Movie

SPRINTER Trailer (2019) Usain Bolt Movie

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