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Short Film Grace: Love In 3 Acts Showcases The Power Of Love In Life And After Death

Victoria Uwumarogie

23 Dec 2020

Short films can be so brief at times that it can be difficult for them to pull you in before the credits run. But in less than 16 minutes, Grace: Love in 3 Acts, manages to make you feel many things, staying with you thanks to its charm, its color, and its love story.

The short film, an original from A Space for Creators, an iOne Digital platform, is produced by Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Productions. It was created as well as directed by acclaimed photographer Joshua Kissi, who recently worked on Beyonce’s Black Is King, and Leah Natasha Thomas. The big names attached to this film are a testament to how strong the project is. It was filmed in Maroon Town as well as Kingston, Jamaica, showcasing local actors and actresses in the cast and also utilizing local talent as part of the crew.

Source: Joshua Kissi / A Space For Creators

The recent release follows a woman named Grace as she relives, through memory, three stages of her love with her husband, Paris. She replays these memories at the repass following his funeral. The moments with repass guests are colorless and uncomfortable for Grace as they try to comfort the stoic beauty, gossip about their relationship and push her move forward sooner than later for her child. These moments pale in comparison to the colorful images of she and Paris locking eyes for the first time, him teaching her how to float in the ocean at night, and the pair discussing, perhaps debating the beauty of life in Jamaica amidst the backdrop of the country.

Though she finds her escape in the past, Grace spends a majority of the short film silent in the present, stuck in her grief. That is, however, until the ending. It seems she reconnects with her love in her own way, finally finding the adventure Paris told her about through his spirit. It’s a beautiful tale of falling in, committing to and returning to love, death be damned. It’s told through lush imagery and a beautiful score, including original sounds by Melo-X.

This first original film from A Space for Creators, which gives life to works from independent creators, is a short but sweet project that will tug at your heartstrings, making you wish you were watching a full-length film without feeling as though the story lacked anything. It’s a gorgeous piece of work that you’re sure to enjoy, and likely, play more than once. Find your own adventure through Grace’s.

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