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We create content without borders by amplifying the universal stories of the Caribbean and its diaspora's visionary auteurs.


Watch this space for original genre projects coming soon to a screen near you.... 

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Yellow Girl & Me

Writer/Director: Isabella Issa


Set in the Jamaican countryside, ten-year-old Sarai and her sister, a sex worker named Yellow Girl live with Yellow Girl’s pimp. Following Sarai's failed attempt of ridding them both of their pimp, Sarai is sent to an orphanage where she pretends to be deaf in order to prevent being adopted. Yellow Girl and Sarai embark on a journey searching for each other, ultimately finding themselves and the true meaning of sisterhood.


Mama D'Lo

Writer/Director:  Lauren Marsden

Deep in the Trinidadian jungle, a river is being choked to death by developers and an old curse must be released in order to stop them. Inspired by the Afro-Caribbean mythology of Mama D’Lo, this eco-conscious fantasy thriller reimagines the river goddess against a contemporary backdrop of environmental disturbance, gender fluidity, and a community uprising.

2021 Film Independent Creative Producing Lab Selection

2021 Film Independent Fast Track Selection


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Treasure Beach

Writer/Director: Storm Saulter  (Betta Mus Come; Sprinter)

A high-ranking corporate executive is exiled to the Jamaican countryside as his marriage crumbles and a scandal explodes around his company’s unethical and deadly eco-practices. When a beautiful investigative journalist arrives, eager to expose the skeletons in his company's closet, he is caught in the crosshairs between a crisis of conscience and a company willing to kill to keep its secrets.

Torino Film Lab 2021 Selection


Shoot The Girl

Director: Tanya Hamilton (Night Catches Us; The Chi

Writer: Tony Hendricks


Likkle, an impetuous Jamaican girl vows to  avenge her father’s murder by the bloodthirsty Trenchtown don,

Diablo. She accuses Diablo of murder and broadcasts it on social media. TV news picks up the story, the video

goes viral and Diablo goes ballistic. The corrupt Police and Minister of Justice want Likkle...the public wants justice.


Her friends and new fans help keep her  alive by ‘shooting her’ journey across Jamaica’s capital city on social



In her quest to bring Diablo down Likkle confronts her parents' past, loses loved ones and her innocence. Armed

only with a smartphone as her weapon & her wits as ammunition, she will try to prove brain beats brawn.

Winner - Screencraft Screenwriter's Residency

Official Selection - Cannes Golden Plume

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